Handmade Jewellery UK – crafted from semi precious gemstones and Swarovski® crystals.

 Beautiful handcrafted jewellery from Suffolk. Stunning but affordable collection from designer Janet Waters.

Hi, I’m Janet Waters – creator and owner of Crystal Combinations

Janet Waters - jewellery designer and owner of Crystal Combinations

I have been designing handmade jewellery now for over ten years because I absolutely love it! In no time at all family and friends gave me the encouragement to start my own business in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since. My customers really appreciate that I personally design and make everything that I sell.

My beautiful home county of Suffolk provides me with the inspiration for many of my designs. I particularly enjoy carefully combining semi precious gemstones with Swarovski® crystals. Swarovski® has been the premium brand for the most beautiful crystals on the planet since 1895. With more than a hundred years experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting, Swarovski continues to produce a fantastic range of breathtaking crystals.

Swarovski crystal is produced at the company’s traditional production plant in Austria. The quality control over the manufacturing process is second to none. Customers consequently can be assured each item will be of unmatched brilliance. The Swarovski pearls that I use to make my jewellery are simulated pearls and are not natural. Customers can be assured that the  innovative manufacturing process results in a flawless pearl of unparalleled beauty.

Semi Precious Gemstones

Semi precious gemstones do occur naturally right across the Globe. They have played a very important role in many civilisations both past and present. Items made from turquoise have been discovered, still intact, in Egyptians burial chambers that are more than 5000 years old. Slightly more recently turquoise was used to decorate the death mask of Tutankahmun. The Aztecs, early Crusaders and North American Indians are just a few of the many cultures that attached great significance to these gemstones. Each stone was believed to posses great mystical powers. Some were worn to provide protection. Others provided emotional strength, promoted love and bestowed courage on the wearer. Inevitably is was believed that each stone had the power to heal and also improve the body’s energy balances. I have found researching these crystals really fascinating and have included a few snippets of information throughout the website.

However most people buy my jewellery simply because they love it! I am on a mission to add colour and sparkle to these traditional materials. Customers love the range of colours and brilliance of the crystals that are now available. I am continually expanding my range so please keep checking back to this page for new items. As you can see from the website I specialise in handmade necklaces, bracelets and handmade earrings.  I also am increasing the number of pendants that I have available. However at the present time I make very few rings.

Design Variations

As the designer I am more than happy to “tweak” and personalize, if required, any item of interest to your own preference. I can alter the size, length or colour of most items. I am also able to offer a complete bespoke design service for that unique and special gift for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. For minor alterations simply add your request in the “Additional Information’ box on the bottom left of your Order. If you think you may be interested in my bespoke design service send me an email by clicking on the ‘CONTACT JANET’ button below.

You may select from a range of sizes but I often include a small extension chain on many of the necklaces and bracelets so you can be sure that you have something that fits perfectly. I make each piece easy to put on and off by using slightly larger clasps than is often used in other designs. Customers who experience particular problems in this area may also benefit from the inclusion of a magnetic clasp. There is usually no additional charge for these changes.

In conclusion I am determined that you will not be disappointed with any item that I sell and it is important to me that you are delighted with any of my handmade jewellery. I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

My husband, Simon, designs and supplies small-scale wildlife hides for schools, gardens and nature reserves. Further details and examples of his wildlife photography can be found on his website, Wildlife Hides.


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