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I have personally designed and made all of the bracelets for women on this website. Many of them are totally unique. You won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet or on the High Street.

I take great care to find high quality and interesting materials from around the world. My customers really appreciate this. In particular I love to combine semi precious gemstones and Swarovski® crystals. This marriage of ancient and modern materials works really well and gives my jewellery a real sense of history and meaning.

Particular attention is also paid to sizing. I make a special effort to ensure that you will have a bracelet that not only fits well but hangs just the way that you want. Other designers will often overlook this feature. I offer all of my bracelets ready made to a standard size. If you would prefer me to vary the size simply add a note in the box provided when placing your order. An exact measurement of your finished bracelet would be ideal but a more general indication (small, medium or large) is usually sufficient. Finally, don’t forget,100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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