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Here you will find my collection of beautiful handmade earrings. I love to design and make handmade jewellery and remain as passionate about it today as when I first started over ten years ago. I have personally designed and made every item that is for sale on this website. My customers have come to recognise my own particular style and appreciate the individual care that I extend to everything and everyone that I am involved with.

Gemstone Earrings – gifts with real meaning

I have a deep and and lasting passion for handmade gemstone jewellery. This is a clear and bold theme running through many of my designs. These semi precious gemstones are wonderfully tactile and radiate real beauty. They occur naturally across the World. Their beauty and special properties make them ideal materials for high quality jewellery. Amber, amethyst and jade have always been very popular but others, such as obsidian and lapis lazuli can be equally stunning. 

Shell Earrings – a beautiful and natural material

Continuing my love for natural materials it wasn’t long before I was attracted to making shell jewellery. This material has been used for hundreds of thousands of years and, like gemstones, has embraced a culture that often attaches a deep and spiritual meaning to this material. The beauty of Mother of Pearl and Abalone has always been admired across the World.

Crystal Earrings using genuine Swarovski Elements

Swarovski have a long and distinguished history of manufacturing the best crystals available anywhere in the World. Their attention to detail and control over their process means that their quality and consistency is second to none. Their inclusion in so many items of jewellery is a true testament to the sparkle and brilliance that they bring.

Sterling Silver Fittings Always

Customers will notice that I alway insist on using sterling silver findings on all my handmade jewellery. Low price jewellery invariably is made using silver-plated findings. I firmly believe that the extra expense involved is money very well spent. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver with the remaining 7.5% made of alloys such as steel or copper. The addition of these allies make the silver harder and, as a result, far more durable than pure silver.

Silver-plated findings, on the other hand, consist of a core of copper, brass or steel to which a very thin layer of silver is added  through a process of electro-plating. The problem with this techniques that the outer layer, being composed of silver, is very soft and far less resistant to wear and tear. It is all too easy to wear through this layer and it will, sooner or later, rub off.

Silver-plated jewellery is used purely to save manufacturing costs as the actual percentage of silver is much reduced compared to the 90% plus found in sterling silver. Customers can easily recognise sterling silver as manufacturer will stamp everything with a ‘925’ mark. If this is absent it undoubtedly means that the item is not sterling silver.a

You can therefore be sure that it is of the highest quality using only the best components.

The pearls are all genuine Swarovski® branded crystals. These have been manufactured in Austria for 150 years. They are renown throughout the world as being world leaders in their field. 

Perfect Gifts for Everyone

Sometimes it is really difficult to pick a gift for someone. Handmade jewellery gifts however, are often unique and perfect for showing someone just how much you love and appreciate them. Everyone has a birthstone and this can help to narrow down the choices. Special anniversaries are often recognised with specific stones. Gold for fifty years and silver for twenty five years are well  known but did you know that turquoise is often given to celebrate the second year of marriage? If you’d like any further guidance I am always happy to help.

Wedding Jewellery, Bespoke Earrings and ‘Minor Teaks’.

For that extra special occasion I am able to produce a bespoke design to match customers exact requirements. These unique handmade gifts are really popular for weddings and anniversaries. In addition they are much appreciated as retirement gifts. Send me an email if you are interested.

For ‘minor tweaks’ and adjustments customers can simply add their requests in the “Additional Information’ box on the bottom left hand side of the order.

 I am very happy to discuss other colour combinations and can usually meet your needs without further charge. Two colour combinations can be exceptionally effective.

Matching Bracelets and Necklaces

To help select matching bracelets and necklaces I have given names to some of my more popular designs. For example you will find matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces all named “Cleo” in a variety of colours. If you have purchased the earrings and would like a matching necklace or bracelet simply order from the “Cleo” range.

Returns Policy for Earrings

Please note that I am unable to exchange earrings unless they are faulty. It is important for me to ensure that I maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. Of course I will replace any earrings that have been shown to be faulty. For further details please refer to my returns policy.

Purchased many products from Crystal Combinations and I must say I'm very pleased with my jewellery. Have a great selection and of very high quality. Purchased many as gifts and for personal use. Bought recently my wedding earrings for my special day which i am really looking forward to wearing. I would highly recommend Crystal Combinations and will be making future purchases.
Thank you
Wendy, Ipswich

Wendy Mann    Ipswich