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I have put together here a collection of my handmade crystal earrings. I love to use genuine Swarovski® branded elements as they are recognised as being the best available anywhere. Manufactured in Austria these crystals are produced in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. For many of the designs I have matching bracelets and necklaces also available. To help with this matching I have started to name some of my collections. e.g.’Ava’. I shall also shortly be introducing a number of necklace and earring sets that not only make wonderful gifts but also make these combinations even more affordable.

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Crystal Earrings

Pink Crystal Earrings


Crystal Earrings

Crystal Heart Earrings

£14.95 £9.95

Crystal Earrings

Silver Drop Earrings


Crystal Earrings

Satin Drop Earrings


Crystal Earrings

Polaris Silver Earrings