Agate Jewellery : birthstone for Gemini

Agate is an excellent gemstone for handmade jewellery due to the fact that it is hard, resistant to chemicals and retains a high polish.  Common throughout the world agate is readily available and is usually associated with volcanic areas. Agate jewellery exists in a huge variety of forms most noteworthy of which include Blue Lace, Fire, Botswana and Moss agate. Blue lace is known as a calming stone because it is used to bring peace and tranquility.  Moss agate is the crystal for gardeners and farmers. Botswana agate, as it names suggests, comes from Africa and is usually a very attractive brown with beautiful banding. Fire agate is said to be energising and reviving.

With a history going back to the Bronze Age Minoan culture agate has an extensive range of meanings and attributes. It is most frequently seen as a protective stone and bringer of good fortune. It is a popular choice during pregnancy  as it is believed to help soothe and calm both mother and baby. During medieval times it was thought that agate had the power to render poisons useless. It was believed that eagles would put agate stones in their nests to protect their offspring from venomous snakes. Hopefully this is not something that you think would be useful!

Agate is not a traditional birthstone but is the zodiac birthstone for Gemini. 21st May – 20th June.

Pendant Beads

Honey Agate Pendant


Pendant Beads

Brown agate pendant


Semi Precious Bracelets

Agate and Coco Jasper bracelet


Semi Precious Earrings

Red Agate Earrings


Semi Precious Necklaces

Vibrant Red Agate Necklace


Semi Precious Earrings

Red Indian Agate Stud Earrings


Semi Precious Necklaces

Agate and Onyx Necklace


Silver Stud earrings

Green Agate Stud Earrings