Garnet Jewellery

Garnet jewellery has been a highly prized gift worldwide ever since the early Bronze Age.

What is garnet and where does it come from?

Garnet is a true gemstone formed from silicate crystals. It has been used for adornment since the Bronze Age and was the most popular gemstone in the late Roman period. Found worldwide the most valuable originates from the Ural Mountains. Australia and Indian deposits are important sources today.  Garnet jewellery is usually a dark or blood red colour and consequently has often been associated with fire and light throughout history

Historical Use of Garnet

It is believed the name was derived from the Greeks who noticed the resemblance to pomegranate seeds. Noah is said to have used garnet to illuminate the Ark. In Scandinavia garnet was placed in their tombs to light the path to the afterlife. More recently the Crusaders wore garnet rings as they believed they provided them with protection.

Garnet Gifts

Garnet is frequently given to promote

* enduring love        * commitment        *physical and mental endurance        *confidence

It is the traditional birthstone for people born in January or under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Garnet is also recognised as the anniversary stone for the 2nd and 6th years of marriage.

Caring for Your Garnet Jewellery

Garnet is a relatively hard and tough gemstone but should not be abused. Avoid direct contact with cosmetics and do not steam clean. Instead wash with mild soap solution using a soft brush. It is stable in light and an ultrasonic cleaner is usually safe.

Crystal Heart Necklaces

Garnet Crystal Heart Necklace