Gold Coloured Jewellery

– for success, generosity and affluence.

Gold has always been a sign of affluence and triumph. Winning a gold medal is something that everyone sees as the absolute pinnacle of success. It has international appeal and is undoubtedly the most highly valued and traded commodity across the globe. Whereas silver has a definite feminine energy gold coloured jewellery tends to be more masculine. Men prefer gold watches and gold chains whereas the ladies tend to favour silver. However gold is also a very warm and affectionate colour that implies generosity and compassion.

I have included yellow in this category as it is so often a viable alternative to gold. Yellow signifies sunshine and happiness. It is cheerful and light and is fantastic at grabbing attention.

As with silver I prefer to use Swarovski coloured crystals and pearls rather than the precious metal itself. Obviously this is much better suited to everyday wear and is lighter and more comfortable to wear. Affordability is also something that is very important to my customers. Citrine is the most common yellow amongst the semi precious gems. Another popular choice is topaz and Swarovski have a range of crystals of in this popular colour.


Semi Precious Bracelets

Lime Jade Bracelet


Semi Precious Necklaces

Goldstone Disc Necklace


Semi Precious Necklaces

Golden Amber Necklace


Crystal Butterfly Necklaces

Golden Shadow Crystal Butterfly Necklace


Crystal Heart Necklaces

Light Topaz Crystal Heart Necklace