Goldstone Jewellery

– for ambition, opportunity and self-worth

A modern and popular material made from glass with inclusions of copper, cobalt, manganese or chromium. Although not a naturally occurring material goldstone jewellery is, nevertheless, beautiful and very popular. It has a really effective sparkle and is very easy to care for. The colour is dependent upon the inclusions as the glass component is clear. A bronzed red with a golden sparkle is frequently seen in jewellery collections.  As is a bright blue which is said to resemble a starry night. Thought to be first made in China it became popular with French monks in the 1800’s. At the same time it was often used as a gift for Victorian nannies in appreciation of their services. Not surprisingly there are few other traditional values associated with goldstone. It is however believed by some to promote self-worth, reduce chronic self consciousness and has a calming and stabilising influence that aids greater understanding of personal life patterns. Goldstone is primarily considered to be a wishing stone that will open doors of opportunity and drives ambition.

Semi Precious Bracelets

Goldstone bracelet


Semi Precious Necklaces

Goldstone Disc Necklace


Semi Precious Necklaces

Goldstone Necklace