Jade Jewellery

Inextricably linked with China for over 5000 years jade jewellery has always been a symbol of purity, serenity and unconditional love. It would be hard to find a gemstone that has a greater pedigree as a gift of love.

What is Jade and where does it come from?

Jade can be found in a variety of forms in metamorphic and igneous rock. It can be extremely strong and has been used by Britons to fashion axeheads over 6000 years ago and by the Aztecs and Incas to make knives and similar weapons. It is ideally suited to carving and polishing. Usually a dull green in colour with a waxy or pearly appearance that feels cool and smooth to the touch. As well as China Jade is found in New Zealand, Burma, Russia, Japan and the Middle East. Here the ancient silk traders wore jade as they believed it gave them wisdom, improved their judgement and bestowed upon them greater wealth.

Gemstone Meanings and Benefits.

Jade is a stone of stability and harmony. It has a calming influence and is said to prolong life. The Chinese eat out of jade bowls for this very reason. Jade also had a strong connection with royalty in China who made burial suits out of this material preserve the boys and grant eternal life to the spirit. Above all else jade is a stone of

  • unconditional love
  • serenity
  • wisdom and wealth

In Folklore medicine there is a strong connection between jade and the kidneys, heart and spleen. It was used to control infection.

Although not recognised as a traditional birthstone Jade is thought to be especially beneficial for people born under the Taurus birth sign.

Semi Precious Bracelets

Diamond Tri Jade bracelet


Semi Precious Bracelets

Jasper Lime Jade bracelet


Semi Precious Bracelets

Lime Jade Bracelet


Semi Precious Necklaces

Tri Jade Necklace


Semi Precious Necklaces

Jasper Lime Jade Necklace