Onyx Jewellery – for strength, confidence and devotion.

Onyx jewellery is a great choice for men. It has been used for centuries to promote strength and confidence.

What is onyx and where does it come from?

Onyx is a form of quartz chalcedony and is very similar to agate. It too is banded but the bands of onyx are parallel whereas those of agate are wavy. Found throughout the world there are significant deposits in Brazil, Canada, India,UK and Germany. Naturally brown, white or grey this particular gemstone has history of being dyed, very often, black, dating back at least to the Rpmans. The black version works very well with sterling silver and is a opoular choice for mens jewellery.

Historical Significance and Uses.

Onyx has a long history as a carving stone. It has always been a popular choice of sculptors and is a material frequently used in prestigious hotels and theatres. As well as promoting strength onyx is also used to improve concentration and devotion and has been used to make rosaries. All these qualities help to improve decision making by balancing the mind and the emotions. IN English folklore medicine it has been used to ease child birth and in Persia it was thought to aid those suffering from epilepsy.

Semi Precious Bracelets

Hexagonal Onyx bracelet


Semi Precious Bracelets

Black Onyx bracelet


Semi Precious Necklaces

Onyx Necklace with Amethyst


Semi Precious Necklaces

Diamond Onyx Necklace


Semi Precious Necklaces

Agate and Onyx Necklace


Semi Precious Bracelets

Onyx Bracelet