Orange Jewellery

– for enthusiasm, creativity, motivation and joy.

Orange is a great combinations of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange jewellery represents enthusiasm, joy and creativity. Ancient civilisations across the world understandably linked orange to the setting sun and the tropics. It is still very much connected with the colours of autumn so I have also included ambers and golden browns in this category. In common with red, orange is a highly visible colour. Still a great choice to draw attention to something and stimulate its promotion. Orange offers warmth and emotional strength during difficult times. It is uplifting and motivating helping to stimulate our creativity.

Amber is a very popular material for jewellery making. Although not a true stone, more of a fossilised resin, it is nevertheless a highly attractive golden brown colour that remains extremely popular. Carnelian is a personal favourite and ideally suited to making jewellery.


Shell Earrings

Orange Dagger Earrings


Semi Precious Necklaces

Amber and Tigers Eye Necklace


Unusual Earrings

Tangerine Swirl Earrings


Semi Precious Bracelets

Carnelian Bracelet