Red Jewellery – for passion, love, energy and emotion.

Red is a very strong and emotional colour, full of passion, love and energy. It signals high energy, danger and desire. Beware, it is not for the faint-hearted as it may raise your heart rate and metabolism!  Recognised today as a highly visible colour used to stop traffic and indicate the presence of life-saving equipment. In the past ancient civilisations have come to associate red jewellery with fire and blood believing them to aid circulation and promote good health. A close association with the setting sun has only served to increase their mystical powers.

Red is the ultimate erotic colour frequently used to make lips and nails more appealing. In China red is the colour of good luck. Use red wisely and you will surely reap the rewards.

Many of the more prestigious gems are red. Ruby, garnet and carnelian are all traditional birthstones. Most other semi precious stones have their own red variations including red indian agate, red jasper and red tiger’s eye.

Semi Precious Earrings

Red Indian Agate Stud Earrings


Crystal Heart Necklaces

Garnet Crystal Heart Necklace


Crystal Earrings

Sunflower earrings


Crystal Earrings

Table cut Earrings


Semi Precious Necklaces

Red Indian Agate Necklace


Charm Bead Bracelets

Charm Bead Bracelet – red 02