Rose Quartz Jewellery – for love and harmony.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart. It is strongly feminine and consequently deeply connected with motherhood. Rose quartz jewellery has a long history of use across the world always representing gentle but powerful unconditional love.

What is Rose Quartz and where does it come from?

Rose quartz is a form of silicon dioxide. Legend has it that is was formed when Aphrodite was injured when she came to rescue Adonis after he’d been attacked by Ares, the God of War. Their intermingled blood stained the surrounding quartz a delicate shade of pink. We now know today that the pink colouration is caused by impurities of titanium or manganese. Found across much of the world there are significant deposits in Brazil, India, South Africa and the USA. In China it is one of the most important carving stones along with jade.

Historical significance and use of Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz has always been recognised as a powerful but gentle healing stone for all matters relating to love and the heart. It helps to purify and open the heart  to allow forgiveness of others as well as ourselves. It is calming and used to promote sweet dreams. The Egyptians and Romans also believed it helped to rejuvenate the skin and was used to decorate burial masks. In common with other pink and red gemstones rosy quartz is believed to be linked to help with disorders of the heart and circulatory system for example by reducing high blood pressure.

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