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Silver is a highly versatile colour full of feminine energy. It is emotional, sensitive and mysterious. There is a deep connection with the silvery moon and consequently the ebb and flow of the tides. Silver jewellery is excellent to soothe, calm and purify. It signals reflection and the opportunity to inspire and illuminate a path forward following a change of direction. Silver is also seen as a sign of wealth and achievement and often conveys prestige and glamour. In combination with black it is a frequent colour scheme to demote modern, hi-tec sophistication. Traditionally silver represents the 25th anniversary at a time when many are becoming silver-haired.

I love to use Swarovski silver pearls as they offer a really glamorous but affordable and enduring colour option for handmade jewellery. As a side note I always use sterling silver earring attachments and never silver-plated. They may cost a little more but I refuse to compromise on quality when health, hygiene and strength are concerned.


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