White Jewellery – for purity, innocence and perfection.

White is as pure as the driven snow. It represents innocence, virginity and cleanliness.  There is nothing more beautiful than a bride wearing a string of white pearls. White is a great colour to depict simplicity and purity and is the clothing of choice of angels. White jewellery is popular as it cleanses the spirit, dispels old baggage and symbolises the dawn of a new beginning. Frequently favoured as a colour when seeking perfection.

Naturally occurring gemstones inevitably contain their own unique patterns and imperfections. There are few, if any, pure white gemstones available so, for the reasons above, I tend to look elsewhere for materials for my handmade white jewellery. Swarovski crystals are ideal in many situations and are available in a several white and cream variations. Clear crystals area also very useful and Ihave decided to keep these items within this group. Onyx and some quartz are amongst the few gemstones that I will us in this category. Shell, on the other hand, is very popular and my ivory shell necklace has always been on my best seller list.

Crystal Butterfly Necklaces

Clear Crystal Butterfly Necklace


Christmas Jewellery

Angel earrings – white


Shell Earrings

Ivory Shell Earrings

£14.25 £11.95

Shell Necklaces

Ivory Shell Necklace


Crystal Heart Necklaces

Crystal Heart Necklace


Crystal Earrings

Silver Drop Earrings


Shell Necklaces

Zebra Shell Necklace


Semi Precious Bracelets

Onyx Bracelet


Shell Bracelets

Nugget shell bracelet