Zoisite Jewellery – calms swing moods and sexual dilemmas.

This is one of the more recently discovered gemstones first found in 1804 in the mountains of Austria by Sigmund Zois, hence the name. Zoisite jewellery exists in a number of forms of which Ruby Zoisite and Tanzanite are probably the most popular with modern day designers.

What is Zoisite and where does it come from?

Zoisite is in fact a type of calcium aluminium silicate. Usually green in colour but it often has inclusions of corundum when it is more widely known as ruby zoisite. This form was not discovered until 1954 in Tanzania where the other popular form, Tanzanite, was discovered. Kenya also has deposits as does Norway, India and Pakistan.

Historical Significance and Use of Zoisite.

With such a recent discovery this gemstone has little historical significance and unsurprisingly, is not a traditional birthstone. It is however believed to be connected with the mountain spirits and consequently is used to help connect with the natural world. It calms and reduces mood swings and is useful in children and bond adults. There is a historical relationship between this stone and the assistance in healing reproductive disorders such as miscarriage.